UOHeroQuest is a Ultima Online Free Shard. We feel that most free shard out there are stuck in time, after playing for over 10 years in other shards and having played Ultima Online since its beta days, we are always wishing to be able to play the new maps new bosses and champs, get new items and discover new adventures, UOHeroQuest was born for this same reason, More importantly than the era though, is the work, care and love, behind the design. Our team has set out to build a solid and robust Ultima Online experience that embodies all the things we love about UO while still growing and expanding to create an interesting shard for everyone to play and bringing you with all its newest content and surprises.

To view the various colors of the servers and a more pleasant and colorful experience, a hues file is needed.
c:\ProgramFiles\ Electronic Arts \ Ultima Online Classic folder
hues.mul very tiny file

UOHeroQuest: ultima.uoheroquest.com port: 2593


  • No Skill Cap 500 Total Stat Cap, 350 Individual cap
  •  1 character gets a skill ball with 7 skills to 100
  • Train your own Squire with Samurai Skills only available on our servers
  • Latest Era Available and Latest content available
  • Lots of Customs
  • HueRoom Neon colors Available, we encorage a colorful enviroment
  • Custom Quests
  • 1 accounts per IP(Player if more than one player per house please contact us)
  •  2 Houses plus yard
  • use comma (,) to use global chat
  • North America Based High end Dedicated Server, High Speed Connection